As an acupuncturist and herbalist for women, I enjoy resurfacing effective traditional and ancient healing practices for the modern times.

This site is where I share my reflections, findings, and tips on natural health and beauty for every woman throughout all phases of her life. Whether we work together one­-on-­one in the clinic, or you enjoy my healthy-­living blog posts, or your skin glows from my products—wherever you are in your goals to be your best self—I’m glad you stopped by!




Five of Dr. Sebaa’s herbal skincare DIY masks made their way to Herbal Remedies Magazine and she couldn’t be more thrilled to share the glow! 🙌

Find her article in the 2019 edition (Barnes and Nobles loves us) and flip over to page 96. Whether you want to hydrate, plump, clarify, or revive your skin, there’s a mask in there for you. ❤


Learn how emotions tie into our physical wellness from a Traditional Chinese medicine perspective in the 2019 edition of The Mindfulness Journal. 📰

If you can’t access the journal, here’s a blogpost with Dr. Sebaa’s interview responses. 👌

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Where Dr. Sebaa merges the fields of modern functional medicine with the ancient wisdom of East Asian medicine in her integrative wellness, pain relief, and natural skincare practice for women.

Acupuncture Sanctuary for Women was born with the intention of adding a new dimension to women’s healthcare while utilizing a holistic approach that aims to ignite the body’s own self-healing mechanisms. Dr. Sebaa has been supporting women with a wide array of conditions and ailments. Whether you are dealing with hormonal skin changes, fertility concerns, pre-natal or post-partum factors, or seeking a graceful transition into any phase of womanhood, this is the place for you. Every-­body is unique and deserves one-­on-­one care.



Check-out Dr. Sebaa’s top picks to support your healthy living lifestyle! From shopping for top quality herbs and supplements, to getting healthy groceries, to women’s health programs and helpful links, this page has you covered.

Dr. Sebaa Skincare

Coming Soon

Aïcha has been formulating natural skincare elixirs for years. Her creams quickly became a cult favorite among holistic-minded beauties in San Diego and soon spread to select wellness centers only available through healthcare providers. Her products will be made available to the online community soon! In the meantime, stay tuned and click below for more information.

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